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Ep 16 Dream ,Believe, Achieve with Olympic Equestrian Imtiaz Anees

Presenting to you my first guest from the field of Sports. This one-on-one exclusive conversation with Equestrian Olympian Rider Imtiaz Anees echoes within me the philosophy of Dream, Believe and Achieve.


Olympic Equestrian, Author, Trainer, Competitor,  and qualified Level 2 Instructor and Coach educator, Imtiaz Anees knows a thing or two about the Equine world. Born in India, studied in Australia, and lived in the United States. He is now based in India and has started his own Equestrian Training facility, Seahorse Equestrian a few hours from Mumbai. Imtiaz has had the opportunity to train with some of the best riders in Australia, England, France, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United States.   


Internationally he has competed at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and the World Equestrian​ Games in Spain in 2002. Won a Bronze Medal at the Asian Games in Thailand and a Bronze Medal at the Asia Pacific Games In Australia. 


He was the first civilian to represent India at the Asian Games and win a bronze and also the first Indian to complete an Olympic Three Day event when he represented India at Sydney 2000 Olympics.


He has recently released his book Riding Free... A story about a childhood dream of representing India at the Olympics. He talks about the gap between the impossible and the possible is only you. Work ethic, believe in oneself, and live your dream. The book is about finding your passion and then going for it.

He lives by his personal motto - Discipline, Determination, and Dedication


About the Host Sargam Mishra - EnergyGuru

Sargam is a Conscious Business and Life Expert. She has coached more than 1000 people on energy principles for life and business.


Ep 15 Declutter Your Life and Get Diamond Grade Clarity in Life with Saahil Mehta


Saahil, the Author:
Saahil is the author of BREAK FREE- A guide to Decluttering your Life. BREAKFREE teaches you how to master strategic decluttering in 4 key dimensions of life- mind, body, relationships, and home to experience joy, abundance, peace & diamond grade clarity to scale your personal summits faster. With this book, he shares his personal journey of how he transcended all odds to scale the summits of his dreams, and how you too, can dream up new personal summits every day, once you adopt his fool-proof process of breaking-free.

Saahil, the Speaker:
Saahil’s story of re-inventing his life and accomplishing his mountaineering dream- 3 times in a row personifies practical inspiration! Via his talks, He brings this authentic, compelling story and experiences to guide ambitious and thoughtful leaders to navigate their health, wealth and relationships as they scale their personal summits, with the help of his proven set of tools + rituals to experience the ultimate confidence and freedom that redefines their personal success.

Saahil, the Mountaineer
Saahil believes that once you master the art of strategically decluttering these 4 key dimensions of life, you truly empower yourself to BREAK-FREE from these illusions of limits and rise to manifest the best version of yourself. With this same philosophy, he was able to scale the summits of Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Chopicalqui and, Kala Patthar in his very first attempts!

Saahil, the Thought Leader
Saahil believes, ‘clutter is just deferred decisions and the process of strategic decluttering births strategic clarity.’ Saahil is driven by the joy of helping people ignite the compassion, creativity, and connection that births clarity for perceiving and pursuing their WHAT NEXT”. Paradoxically, on one hand, Saahil leads his life with absolute ‘ahimsa’ the art of non-violence, and evangelizes the universal virtue of ‘one-ness for all human beings, but when it comes to personal mastery & performance he loves to destroy his limits and consistently conquer himself.



Ep 14 Creating Long Lasting Success through Relationships with Gautam Ganglani

Gautam Ganglani is The Author of Breaking Bread and Chief Energizing Officer of Right Selection.

People do business with people they trust, In this insightful conversation we talk about how we can create successful business relationships.

About Gautam Ganglani:

For over 20 years, he has closely worked with world-renowned authors and global thought leaders and has expanded the operations to
Mumbai in 2019.

He is deeply passionate about co-creating, collaborating, and connecting with people to add value and make a difference in their lives and help transform companies to achieve greater heights of success.


Building Meaningful Relationships for Long-Lasting Success
Breaking Bread refers to sharing a meal with someone, in the traditional sense of the phrase. However, this expression means more than just eating. It is sharing a sense of camaraderie with an individual or a group of people.
It is a significant event that fosters meaningful connections and cooperation with a positive exchange of energies. If you come across people who seem difficult to deal with, breaking bread with them demonstrates a sense of forgiveness and moving forward with positivity.

Breaking Bread is all about building Human Connections – Gautam Ganglani.

About Sargam The Energy Guru


Ep 13 Accelerate Your Success with Thaddeus Lawrence

About Thaddeus Lawrence


Thaddeus Lawrence is an entrepreneur, trainer, author, and one of Asia’s leading and most respected coaches. Over the last 15 years, he has travelled to over 20 countries and helped over 120,000 individuals create massive results and achieve financial and personal success.


Thaddeus has made it his life mission to move, educate and inspire people all over the world to be better versions of themselves so that they can prosper in a life of presence, purpose and possibilities. He has been featured as an expert on TV, radio, newspapers, books and magazines.


Thaddeus has been trusted by global brand giants such as Johnson & Johnson, UBS, Prudential, Unilever, Gilead Sciences, Estee Lauder Companies, BHP Billiton and agencies like Singapore’s Ministry of Defence and the International Monetary Fund to coach their senior leaders and help them build winning cultures within their organizations.


Thaddeus has shared the stage with some of the world’s premier business speakers & thought-leaders, including Jack Canfield, Tony Fernandes, Randi Zuckerberg, Blair Singer, and Dr John Demartini.


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Linkedin Profile:


Ep 12 Decoding the Gyan for Success with Suren J

In today's podcast show I bring to you a gem of a person I first met with him in 2015.  I attended my first National Achiever's Conference in Delhi. I was fascinated with his vision for India and the passion with which he runs his company Success Gyan.

He is the man responsible for bringing some of the best known Coaches, Speakers, to India he has transformed the personal development industry as Success Gyan Academy is helping provide world-class education online.

In this heart to heart conversation, I dive deeper into his success blueprint and bring to you yet another inspiring episode.

About Suren

Surendran. J who is fondly called Suren by his friends and family is the
Founder & CEO of Success Gyan. Success Gyan is India’s largest organizer of international Seminars and workshops. Success Gyan’s vision is to bring the world’s best to India & take India’s best to the world. Success Gyan currently in a year runs 150 plus seminars & workshops across 11 cities of India and 6 other countries & till date instrumental in transforming more than a million lives.
Success Gyan was recognized as the leading Brand in Education & Learning
category across India by Ministry of MSME at their Brands of India Awards
function during Feb 2019.
He is also the Executive Director in BNI for Chennai CBD (A), he is a serial
entrepreneur and owns a majority stake in Celebrity Badminton League,
Dreamcatcher Investments, JP Academy, etc.
Success Gyan has adopted the entire running cost of Maatram Foundation,
currently, Maatram Foundation has helped 900 plus underprivileged students
pursue higher education completely free of cost.
He has Co-Authored a book called Success Recipe with Brian Tracy who is
considered World’s best management guru. Success Recipe has currently sold
over 40000 copies and recently translated into 6 regional Indian languages.


About Sargam 

I help successful people connect with their Inner Abundance using principles of energy to unlock their true potential. I help them create massive success in their personal and professional life. Helping them truly live their greatness.

Sargam believes that Abundance is a state of being and each one of us can tune to create a life of prosperity and happiness if we are able to create it within.

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Ep 11 Become a Millionaire Student with Sashin Govender

Meet one of the youngest multimillionaires in the world. He is the founder of The Millionaire Student.


Sashin Govender was born and raised in Durban, South Africa. A true rags-to-riches story, the average monthly income in South Africa is a mere $200. Sashin was able to surpass that from the age of 18 to $1 million by the age of 21. He became a multi-millionaire by the age of 25—all through sheer hard work, determination, and a will to succeed, no matter what! Through The Millionaire Student, Sashin coaches, mentors, and teaches people that regardless of age, place of residence, upbringing, status, and past experience, they can work hard to become or sustain being a millionaire by staying in student mode.  

In order to bring more inspirational stories to viewers all over the world, Sashin Govender hosts The Millionaire Student, where he takes viewers on a journey by interviewing CEOs, celebrities, athletes, and others who continue to WIN IN LIFE – despite difficulties faced. In each episode, Sashin and guests coach, mentor and teach people, through raw discussions of personal obstacles, that no matter what your age is, no matter where you’re from, who you are, what you’ve previously earned or currently earn, you need to remain in student mode to win and have a millionaire mindset. Sashin shares these tips across digital media so that they are accessible to all, believing that there is no excuse to lack the knowledge you need to be successful when the guidance is just one click away. Everyone can “win with Sashin” and those in his circle, and the advice and counsel to individuals and via his YouTube series and podcast, having already taught thousands of entrepreneurs in 30+ countries the secrets to achieving health, wealth, love, and happiness.


Sashin Govender’s Instagram page: @winwithsashin

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About the Host Sargam's Instagram page @energygurusargam


Ep 10 Embody Your Business with Tara Jackson

Tara's work supports empath entrepreneurs with some of the inner energetics and blocks that can come up, as well as the practical elements of running an online business from systems and processes to PR and marketing, done in a way to honor the needs of sensitive souls. She is an amazing soul with deep insights into Business and Energy.
It was a wonderful conversation. Tara lives in the UK but she did the live interview from Kenya :) you can feel the resonance of our soul's work in this podcast.
Her book 'Embodied Business' has released on 11.11.2020 I wish you immense success in your work @tarajackson_
Here is the link to her latest book:
She has a special gift for all the listeners head to the podcast page and enjoy the podcast and the free gift from Tara.


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Here is Tara's Profile:

Tara has 20 years of varied experience working in and with businesses ranging from global corporations and brands to solopreneurs and hospitality entrepreneurs. She has worked in PR and marketing, business management, HR, and as a PA and VA. She is a business mentor at Empathpreneurs®, the author of Embodied – A self-care guide for sensitive souls, a Colour Mirrors practitioner, and a holistic health and wellness coach. Her second book Embodied Business is a guide to aligning and grounding your business with the chakras is coming out on 11 November 2020. Her work supports empath entrepreneurs with some of the inner energetics and blocks that can come up, as well as the practical elements of running an online business from systems and processes to PR and marketing, done in a way to honor the needs of sensitive souls.


Link to her new book: Embodied Business

EP 9 : Success Mantras of The Diva of DivaPreneur by Design - Puja Puneet

In this episode, Puja shares her wisdom on what it is to be successful.

  • Her journey as an Entrepreneur (CEO of Life by Design)
  • What were her challenges?
  • How she transformed her life and impacted the 1000s of women in this journey
  • Her book Unlock the Golden Cage 
  • The Blueprint of Success
  • What has been her inner game?
  • Rapid Fire :

Guest Profile:

Puja Gupta is India’s number one life designer and founder and CEO Of Life By Design. Puja trains corporate, colleges, schools, and various forums such as YPO, Rotary, FICCI touching the lives of over 10,000 men and women each year.
She also won the naturals woman of the year award. She is a columnist with the Hindu. As a popular life coach and speaker Puja has shared her life-changing ideas and models for personal growth and change with thousands of people in private seminars and coaching sessions. She is also a TEDx speaker. She has studied under legends like Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard, John Gray, Brian Tracy, Marie Forleo, Les brown,T Harv Eker, and many more…
She lives with her husband Puneet and 2 sons in Chennai, India.

To know more, kindly watch her TEDx talk -


About Sargam: The EnergyGuru is an expert in the field of energy and helps people enhance their energetic architecture to create a business and life they dream of. She is an author and philanthropist and has worked with 1000s of clients globally. 

Connect with her on Instagram:


Ep 8 : How to Become a Catalyst for Success with Karan Hasija

My Guest on The Millionaire Way Podcast for this week is a Serial Entrepreneur & a Business Coach
@Karan is the Author of the Amazon Best Seller & Amazon’s Editor’s Choice –
Cattle or Catalyst – How entrepreneurs can build second-line leaders &
get out of the trap of self-employment to focus on the strategic growth of the business.
He is known as a “Systems Freak – firm believer that Systems work
wonders to bring out the best in People and produce results.
Truly an insightful conversation - Hope you will enjoy it too.

Ep 7: The Better Person Mindset to Attract Success and Wealth with Master Glenn Mendoza.

The Author of the book 'The Better Person Mindset' and Master Pranic Healer. He is a Neonatologist for the last 30 years. Disciple to GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui. Father to three amazing boys. Grandfather to three precious grandchildren. Loving husband to an incredible woman.
I am so delighted to have him on the podcast for all my listeners.
Tune in NOW!
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